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Nut, the Ancient Egyptian Stellar Sky Goddess of the Milky Way Galaxy

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TMNT - The Metaphysical Nommo Teachings

The Dogon people of Mali teach that out of the deep, dark, celestial waters, there were born 8 aquatic beings called the Nommo, 4 males and 4 females, who were taught by their master named Amma.  The 8 Nommo were combined into 4 pairs: 1. Nommo Die, 2, Nommo Titiyayne, 3. O Nommo, and 4. Nommo Anagonno.  The Nommo came to earth, and lived in the waters of earth, and taught the ancestors of early humans.  This is why sci-fi movies like the Gungans of Star Wars, the Dracs of Enemy Mine, and the Ninja Turtles, all depict reptilian, amphibious, and/or aquatic beings to look like black people, because there is in fact a connection.  It is said that the word Nommo means, “masters of the waters” and “to make one drink,” as drinking is a metaphor for receiving the knowledge of the Nommo.  This is why many UFOs descend into the waters of Earth to become USOs, short for unidentified submerged objects, which are aquatic extraterrestrials visiting the submerged maritime cities of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu.

In Ancient Egypt, the Nommo, were known as the Ogdoad, or Khemenu, just like the all water world named Kamino in Star Wars Episode II.  The Khemenu were 4 male and 4 female amphibious reptilian beings, who were born out of the muck and mire of the primordial abyss, symbolized by the sewer or the ooze.  They were taught by their master named Tahuti, he who teaches writing with the pen.  The 8 Ogdoad were combined into 4 pairs, TMNT, representing the principles of Nothingness, Darkness, Endlessness, and Invisibility, principles of ninjitsu.

The Yoruba of Nigeria continued the teachings with the 7 Orishas: Obatala, Yemaya, Ogun, Oya, Shango, Oshun, Elegba, plus Shango’s other wife Oba makes 8, 4 males and 4 females, who fall under the supreme master deity Olodumare.  In the Ifa system, cowrie shells are used in divination to provide one with knowledge, wisdom, and guidance.  The 16 primary Odu of Ifa combine to make 256, or 4 to the fourth power.  The divination tray, called the Opon Ifa, consists of four directional energies: Oshun, Yellow, representing East.  Ogun, Green, representing south.  Elegba, black, representing west.  And Obatala, white, representing North.

The TMNT teachings continued in China with Fu-shi, also known as Zu Yi, who reigned during the mid-29th century BCE, and was the first of the Three Sovereigns of ancient China.  According to legend, the land was swept by a great flood, and only Fu-shi, and his sister Nüwa, survived. They sought refuge on top of the Kunlun Mountain, where they prayed to Heaven for a sign.  Just then, a reptilian being, a turtle, emerged from the waters, with the 8 trigrams, of the I Ching, arranged on his shell.  The 8 trigrams of the I Ching, surround the Yin and Yang symbol, which is similar to the gye nyame symbol of Ghana west Africa, which represents duality in nature, like Po Tolo and Emme Ya tolo, the Binary Stars of the Sirius constellation which are recognized by the Dogon people of Mali West Africa as the birth place of the Nommo.  This turtle who brought Fu Xi the I Ching, also taught Fu Xi the wisdom of calligraphy and writing.  Fu Xi in turn taught humans the I Ching and writing that he learned from the turtle.  Fu Xi was one of four Shi who took part in creating the world along with Youchao Shi, Suiren Shi, and Shennong Shi.

In Humans, these principles manifest as the 4 Archetypes, the 4 temperaments, the four humors, the four fundamental personality types, which are: 1., sanguine, who are courageous, 2., choleric, who are easily angered, 3., melancholic, who are analytical, and 4., phlegmatic, who are easy going.  They are represented by the colors Red, Yellow, Purple, and Blue.  They are related to the 4 classical fundamental elements of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water.  These teachings have become part of the Freemasonic Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles, and are guarded by the order’s Supreme Imperial Grand Turtle Master.  This is why “Turtle Island” is the secret name of the land mass of the United States of America.  Are You A Turtle?  You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Am.  Now take a Drink.

Gliese GJ 1214 b is an all water ocean world planet 47 light years from Earth which orbits the red dwarf sun star Gliese GJ 1214 in the constellation Ophiuchus, the lost 13th sign of the zodiac.

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RIZQ TECH - Rizqiyian Technology

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The Solar Facts and Magnetic Equator

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The Apparatus

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The Mother Plane, Wheel within a Wheel

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Get From Behind The 9 Ball

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Galactic Confederation of White Light

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Egyptian Starships and African Extraterrestrials

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Intergalactic Sovereignty and U.C.C. (Universal Celestial Code)

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Racial Alchemy, Alien-Human Hybrids

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